Year 6

The Yellow Spotted Lizard

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Here are some of our reports. Can you spot WAGOLL?


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  • Zoe

    The Yellow Spotted Lizard

    Yellow spotted Lizards are extreamlly dangerous because of the veume if you ever see one of these yellow spotted lizards BEWARE!


    A yellow spotted lizards diet is asmall varierty of small incects, tarantulars and sunflower seed shells.


    However their habittat is dryeyed up holes,you will also find that up to 20 lizards will fit in one hole, also once they have settled in one hole they go and look for another and settle in there.


    A yellow spotted lizard has black teeth a milky white tounge;exactally 11 yellow spotson their yellowy greeny skin.

    Yellow spotted lizards could possibly be the most dangeouros animals in the world also if you dont mess with them they wont mess with you usually, a yellow spotted lizard is and omnivoir soit gets eaten by either a bird or a egal also the life spam in 7-9 years and they are 8-10 inches long!

    So if you ever meet one of these evil omnivoirs BEWARE!!!

  • Laura


    What are Yellow-Spotted Lizards ?
    The Yellow-Spotted Lizards are situatedin holes, on deserts. You could find around about 20 lizards in each hole!

    Body and Appearance

    Yellow-Spotted Lizards are approximately 6-10 inches long. They have black teeth and a milky white tongue also they have strong legs and sharpclaws, last but not least they have eyes that are yellow eyes that look amazingly red!


    Yellow-Spotted Lizards hunt quite a couple of different things such as: Small animals; Razor sharp cactus thorns; the shell of a sunflower seed and insects. Also the dangerous reptile is in the food chain ( E.G= Plant-Tranchular- Yellow Spotted Lizard- Falcon ).

    If you ever go to the desert and you see deep holes always beware of the deadly , Omnivores because if you do see one you’re DEAD!!!!!

    By Laura x

  • Eleanor

    Yellow Spotted Lizard

    The Yellow Spotted Lizard are usually found in the schorching, sandy deserts and live in murky dark holes ready to kill, they can fit up 20 lizards per hole. At there old age they are 6-10 inches lond they can live up to 7-9 years old when they die.

    Body and appearance

    When you get bitten you will eventually die of a slow and painful death, always. Each lizard has exactly 11 spots, but the spots are on its yellow green body. They have black teeth and a milky white tongue, yellow eyes but amazingly red and razor sharp claws. The only thing they don’t like is onion juice and the only living thing that kills the Yellow Spotted Lizard is all types of big birds, so that mean the Yellow Spotted lizard is not at the top of the food chain.


    The Yellow Spotted Lizard hunts for: shells on sunflower seeds, all different cactus and thorns, small animal and insects. They drink blood from humans when they bite them, the venom from the lizard kills the human and animals.

    So how do you think we should protect these lizards? Maybe we should: Put them in a wild life centre, kill them or even keep them in there habitat, WARNING! do not go near or touch a Yellow Spotted Lizard.

  • James

    Yellow Spotted Lizard!!!
    If you see a yellow spotted lizard beware, because it could kill you call a ambulance imediately or go to your tent and die a long painfull death!

    A yellow spotted lizard was named after it’s 11 yellow spots. And it’s green and yellow body. Also,you always know if its a yellow spotted lizard because it has a milky white tong, black teeth.
    The yellow spotted lizard is usually found in sandy deserts . But they live in holes to shade from the [burning] sun. And up to 20 lizard’s per hole.
    Intresting Facts
    If you have the smell of onions near you it will protect you from the lizard’s , so are you going to try this ?Also, they suck your blood ownly if your lucky.
    yellow spotted lizard’s eat many insects therefor they have to hunt for them.Finally yellow spotted lizard’s are not at the top of the food chain , because birds catch them; tear them up.
    So when you see a fearce yellow spotted lizard stay far back or else your going to be dead and it will be a slow painfull death.Theese steps should of helped you.

    • Mr Beedie

      That’s a very interesting fact about the smell of onions! Some good use of different punctuation here, James.

  • ellie

    Yellow Spotted Lizards!

    The Yellow Spotted Lizards are very deadly Lizards that cause you to die a slow and painfull death. Always!…

    Features of a Yellow Spotted Lizard

    Their species have: a yellow-green body ; 11 bright yellow spots ; powerfull hinde legs and 6 to 10 inches long. Never look at its fiery,bulging yellow spots or you will have whats coming to you!


    These spesiemens are very nocturnal,and scan around all night looking for its pray, also they hide away from the fatal,destructive preditor birds. They consume Tranchelers ,small animals,certain cactus thorns and sunflower seeds (only the shell).


    The Yellow Spotted Lizards live in the deep,dark,desolate holes(underground) Before the lake dried up,not alot of the reptiels lived there,then.

    Facing Exitinction

    Poor criters,they are shot dead by man kind. Can you Belive it?Also their venom is uced to make make up and nail varnish. Eventhough their lethal bite,in addition leading them to die instanly.

    Intresting Facts

    If you eat onions the creatures dont like it,but they can still bite you.

  • Emily

    Yellow Spotted Lizard !!!
    Yellow Spotted Lizard’s are extremely dangerous to human beeing’s ,so be careful when you see a Yellow Spotted Lizard!

    Yellow Spotted Lizard’s live in shaded places or dry holes.Yellow Spotted Lizard’s do not like onion’s they have exstremely poisonous venem ; they suck people’s blood in one whole bite! They can live up to 7-10 years.
    Yellow Spotted Lizard’s do not like the hot sun. Yellow Spotted Lizard’s eat different kind’s of insect’s.Yellow Spotted Lizard’s get eaten by birds such as : egals; crows and other big birds, Yellow Spotted Lizard’s also eat the shells of sunflower seeds.Just in one bite they can kill you so be careful!
    Looking at Yellow Spotted Lizard’s they have 11 yellow spots; they have a yellow and green body ; their eyes are yellow with a red outer layer,so be very careful!!! They kill you in just 30 seconds they will suck every little bit of blood out of your body. ( aproxemtly 16 drips)
    If you don’t harm them they don’t harm you usually!! stay away from Yellow Spotted Lizard’s WARNING!!!! Yellow Spotted lizard’s suck your blood , so portect your self from Yellow Spotted Lizard’s . Dont forget they don’t like onion’s! They will kill you so be very careful.
    So if you see a yellow spotted lizard imediatly run away !!!!!!

  • Mr Beedie

    They sound like really dangerous creatures!

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